Dental Fillings in Ocoee

What are dental fillings?

Fillings are a treatment for tooth decay or tooth damage that replace missing portions of the tooth structure. When you have active decay, we need to drill out the decay to prevent it from worsening and causing an infection. 

The only way to do this is to drill it out of the tooth. However, in the process, some of your natural tooth enamel needs to be removed. To rebuild the tooth so that its structure, strength, and functionality aren’t compromised, a strong material is placed inside of the tooth to replace your missing enamel.

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How It Works: The Dental Filling Process


Dr. Dorsey will call you in for a consultation so he can examine your teeth and take x-rays to look for signs of decay or infection. If the decay has reached the deeper layers of the tooth such as the dental pulp, you will need a root canal.

removing the decay

However, if the cavity is still in the early stages, we will just need to remove it with a dental drill. A local anesthetic will be administered to prevent pain sensation. Then, a dental drill will be used to remove any remaining tooth decay.


Once all of the decay is removed, we will roughen your tooth and apply an acidic gel to help the bonding material stick. This is known as etching. A shade guide will be used to match the shade of composite resin to your natural tooth.


Then, the resin is applied in layers and cured with UV light. This instantly cures it so it hardens and additional shaping and polishing can be performed.

Types Of Dental Fillings

composite fillings

A composite filling is a tooth-colored material known as composite resin. This is the same material used in dental bonding to cover up aesthetic imperfections or build up a tooth that is too small or damaged. Using a shade guide, we can match your fillings to the exact shade of your natural teeth so that they blend in. This is what makes composite fillings the preferable choice over silver amalgam fillings because their aesthetic qualities don’t disrupt the harmony of your smile. 

Composite fillings are also biocompatible and don’t contain mercury, unlike traditional fillings. Not only does the filling look just like your natural tooth, but it also functions like it. These fillings don’t require as much drilling so we can preserve more of your natural tooth. Composite fillings also instantly harden so you don’t have to wait for 24 hours to eat certain foods.

Have Questions About Dental fillings?

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What causes cavities?

Cavities are caused by poor oral hygiene, a diet high in sugar, frequent snacking, and infrequent dental visits. A cavity is a hole that forms in your enamel because bacteria in the mouth mix with left behind sugars and convert them into acids. 

These acids attack your tooth enamel until it erodes and forms a hole. The best way to prevent cavities is to regularly brush, floss, and attend dental cleanings every 6 months. You should also reduce your consumption of sugar.

Do Dental Fillings hurt?

No, fillings are not painful. The actual filling process does not involve any invasive tools. It’s only the drilling that could cause pain but we always numb your mouth with a local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain. If you experience anxiety at the dentist, we can also sedate you.

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