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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

How long does teeth whitening last & how can you increase the lifespan? Find out the answers to this and more!

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Are Veneers Permanent

So you have made up your mind to give your smile a makeover with veneers, but before taking the plunge, you want to know if they are a permanent solution.

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How To Fix Bad Breath

Have you noticed you've been dealing with bad breath recently? Check out our blog post for our tips on how to get rid of it!

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How to Prevent Cavities

When it comes to dental hygiene, a preventive approach is always better than a reactive one. Read on in this blog from Colonial Drive Family Dentistry to learn more about cavity prevention.

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Which Clear Aligner Brand Is Right for Me?

Clear aligners are much more comfortable, hygienic, and convenient than metal braces. Read on in this blog from Colonial Drive Family Dentistry to learn about three popular clear aligner brands on the market.

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Understanding Your Top 3 Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

With so many options tooth replacement options out there, how do you know which one to choose? The best way is to consult with an expert restorative dentist in Ocoee, such as Dr. Dorsey at Colonial Drive Family Dentistry.

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Welcome to Colonial Drive Family Dentistry

With over 18 years of trusted care for the Ocoee community, Dr. Dorsey’s passion for transforming smiles and changing lives touches every facet of his practice. As a family dentist, he loves getting to develop unbreakable patient bonds built on meaningful, individualized care. He strives to be an honest and empathetic partner in your dental journey, empowering you with the knowledge, confidence, and support you need to smile with a lifetime of oral health.

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